Rebec Offers 5x the Capacity vs. the Leading Plastic Competitor1

Capacity is the most important cost consideration when choosing an amalgam separator.

More capacity = fewer collector changes.

Collection Capacity of Rebec’s largest system

Collection capacity of Leading Competitor’s largest system

Only Rebec guarantees one collector change per year or it’s free.²

The ADA’s Division of Science thoroughly tested amalgam separators for effectiveness, durability and annual maintenance cost.

Rebec Amalgam Separators earned their exclusive endorsement.

Catch Hg 400

Superior Durability

Built with rugged stainless steel, not plastic.

Low Cost of Ownership & Easy Maintenance

High-capacity collector 5x the size of plastic competitors* means you save on collector replacements.
*ADA Professional Product Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2012.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our product. See Operating Guide for details.
1ADA Professional Product Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2012
2As long as you select the appropriate Rebec Model for your practice.

Are You in Compliance?

July 14, 2020 is the date of compliance for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation on the use of amalgam separators.

The ONLY Amalgam Separators endorsed by ADA Member Advantage

For over two decades, Rebec has been setting the standard for amalgam separators.
Rebec Amalgam Separators have a removal efficiency that exceeds international standards (ISO 11143) and the ONLY LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry.


  Sleek design ideal for tight spaces, multiple users and high volume vacuum systems

  No chair-side obstruction

  No cleanup or waste handling for the doctor or staff

  No vacuum loss EVER, not even during annual maintenance

  Just check on it once per month!


  Save money every year with Rebec’s huge collector; five times the size of our plastic competitors1 means only one collector change each year—GUARANTEED!2

  No hidden costs

  No rental or lease fees

  Lifetime limited warranty

  Long-lasting, high-quality stainless steel

1ADA Professional Product Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2012.
2Must choose the Rebec recommended unit for the size of your office.


  Exceeds ISO 11143-2008 standards in waste removal efficiency

  Completely sealed; designed with safety in mind

  Durable: Requires no moving parts or electricity

  All waste is disposed of by our sister company, Pristine Environmental, in accordance with stringent EPA standards

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Catch Hg 400
CatchHg 400
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CatchHg 400 Plus
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CatchHg 1000
Catch Hg 1000 Plus
CatchHg 1000 Plus
Catch Hg 400
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dr. Doug Beck

Mill Creek, WA
  Amazing product and no hidden fees! The Rebec CatchHG® never clogs and is easy to maintain. The cost savings and continual improvements to the technology really sets this company apart from the competition. Thank goodness I found the Rebec Amalgam Separator  

Dr. Amy Norman

Everett, WA
  Rebec has taken care of everything! I dont even have to call for a pickup and Rebec provides all the documentation I need.  

Dr. David Buck, DDS

Mukilteo, WA
  It’s amazing how well Rebec’s equipment performs.  The recycling is automatic and I never have to worry about it since it’s indestructible. Rebec is the highest quality, most rigorously tested system available.