Catch Hg 1000

Scrap Amalgam Buckets

Save money. No hassle. No contracts.
  • Fill the Pristine Environmental Services buckets with your scrap amalgam waste
  • When it’s full, just give us a call at 1.800.569.1088
  • We will arrange for a UPS pick-up at no charge to you

Contact your Dental Dealer to purchase.

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Catch Hg 400
CatchHg 400
Catch Hg 400 Plus
CatchHg 400 Plus
Catch Hg 1000
CatchHg 1000
Catch Hg 1000 Plus
CatchHg 1000 Plus
Catch Hg 400
CatchHg 1000 Plus LC
Scrap Amalgam Buckets
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