Amalgam Separators

Learn more about each of our Rebec amalgam separators below or fill out the form to find out how we can help you with a custom system for your office. Rebec offers all of its products through dental suppliers and representatives.

Please contact your local rep, or contact us directly and we can aid you in processing your order!

Custom Systems

Which Rebec Amalgam Separator Is Right For My Office?

Rebec Amalgam Separators come in two basic sizes:

  • 400 series for offices with one to five chairs. Typically one doctor and one hygienist.
  • 1000 series for offices with six to fifteen chairs. Typically two to three doctors and two to three hygienists.

If your office uses air abrasion or prophy jet compound, get the Plus version. The Plus version is specially designed to handle this significant increase in material coming through the vacuum line, while still maintaining the necessary removal efficiency.


Get a $150-$300 rebate direct from Rebec
when you purchase a Rebec Amalgam Separator
through your dental equipment dealer.
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Scrap Amalgam Buckets

Our scrap amalgam separator buckets help dental facilities extract their amalgam waste safely and securely. When the buckets are full, call us for pickup.